Sunday, August 23, 2015

Classroom Tour!

Full Classroom View 1
Full Classroom View 2

WBT Rules
1. Follow Directions Quickly!
2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
4. Make smart choices!
5. Keep your dear teacher happy!
(aka the "No Loop-Hole Rule!")
Diamond Rule: Keep your eyes on the target! Please!

Super Improver Team
(Every child is a Super Improver!  Even the teacher has her own star!)

Bloom's Taxonomy
Six Writing Traits
Math Centers
WBT Strategies Posters
Pat Pavelka Center Wheel
Teacher I'm Done, Now What Do I Do? Area
Classroom Library

Genius Writing Ladder
(More details to come!)

Language Power Pix Wall
(Power Pix are major curriculum concepts that are taught
through highly engaging gestures)

Math Power Pics Wall
(Examples of Power Pix to come soon! Each Power Pix
 has a question, answer, picture, and gesture!)

Word Wall
(I use Amazing/Vocabulary Words for higher-level learning.)

Competition Brainies Poster
(This is located at the front of the classroom.
My students have already started learning several of the Brainies during the first 2 days of school!)

Desk Brainies
(Each student has their own mini version of the Brainies poster on their desk.
They will be able to quickly reference this during Teach-Ok!)
Entrance to my classroom.
(After learning a new concept,
the students write down something
they have learned on a sticky note
and stick it on the frame!)
We Are Bucket Fillers
Life Principles (Great Expectations)
Safe Place and Calming Strategies (Conscious Discipline)
I hope you have enjoyed this WBT Classroom Tour!  I will be blogging about each strategy in upcoming blog posts!  These pictures will be available on my Pinterest and Instagram accounts!  Let me know if you have any questions about anything that you have seen!  Remember - it's never too late to start incorporating WBT into your classroom!
I hope you have an amazing school year!