Thursday, October 1, 2015

Going Batty Over Brainies!

It's finally October, so you know what that means!  Lots of fun Fall activities for the classroom!  My AMAZING teaching partner, Mrs. Ziggy, found the cutest idea on TPT that we introduced today!  Meet Shadow, the Bat!  

Shadow will be in our room for the entire month, writing us daily letters that he will need help editing.  He had quite a few writing mistakes, so we made sure to tell him, "You're still cool, Shadow!"  After we edited his first letter today, we practiced reading it with our WBT Brainies!  Check out our video!

The students then wrote letters to Shadow, letting him know about our classroom! 

The "Quiet Place" corner is pretty quiet!

Hanging out under a desk could be dangerous!

Shadow definitely needs to make sure he doesn't fly after the alarm is set or else he will set off the motion detector!  The kids are REALLY concerned about this happening tonight!

Shadow will be teaching our class how to improve our editing skills during Morning Meeting through letters he writes to us each night!  The only problem is that Shadow loves quiet places, so we had to warn him that our WBT classroom will be loud when we are learning!  He said that was fine, as long as everyone was following the Class Rules, using their Brainies, and fully engaging in Partner Sharing! If not, he may fly to another classroom, or (gasp!) even another school!

Finally, the most exciting part about having Shadow in our classroom, is that he has a BFF in Mrs. Ziggy's classroom!  Meet Mrs. Ziggy's Shadow:

We will update you on Shadow throughout the month, as well as showing you our ever-improving Brainies that we use in the classroom each day!!!

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